Who we are?

We are a team of silversmiths creating horror jewelry since 2017.

We started this project with a solid background in jewelry making and a strong wish to create in silver the most detailed and believable images of our favorite horror movie heroes.

The motivation was multifaceted, at the same time we wanted to bring more joy into the jewelry-making process, revive that feeling of immersion into TV screen after getting new horror VHS from rental and create the most badass jewelry on the market. You are to judge the results of our endeavor.

How our jewelry is made?

Creating jewelry is an ancient art and although we use modern technology in general the process is the same as ages ago.

  • First, we have to create the model, it can be done directly in wax or in 3D, in the latter case 3D model has to be printed in wax.
  • Then we have to build a so-called wax tree, an assembly of many wax models connected to the wax pole via sprues.
  • The wax tree is placed into a metal flask which is filled with a slurry of plaster.
  • When the plaster slurry is dry the flask is placed into an oven where the wax melts and we get a hollow form.
  • Now it’s time for the casting, molten metal is poured into a hollow form.
  • After some cooling plaster form is destroyed and we get a metal tree of models.
  • Castings are cut from the tree.
  • Each individual piece of jewelry is cleaned, blackened if needed, and thoroughly polished with several different abrasive wheels and bits.